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Fuel economy tips you can take to the bank

The following maintenance and driving tips can translate into fuel cost savings and cash in the bank; read along to find ways you can save some cash. It’s like paying less for fuel each time you fill up. Information gathered from Car Care Canada.Tires inflated properly, even one tire that is 8 PSI low can have the same affect as saving up to $0.04/litre. For the average driver that’s the same as saving $69 a year in fuel cost. If you drive a truck it can be over $100 per year.Avoid aggressive driving, this can mean up to a 40% change in fuel cost. For a car that could be a savings of almost $700 a year and over $1000 with a truck.Remove excessive weight, for every 45 kgs (100 lbs.) extra weight in the vehicle, fuel economy drops between 1 and 2% that’s between $30 and $50 a year for every 45 kgs. So the question is – What’s in your trunk?Use a block heater; because a cold engine does not burn fuel efficiently you will use more fuel starting your car/truck in winter when it is not plugg ... read more

P2 more tidbits

(P2) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:Did you know?36X – Married couples are 36 times more likely than the average person to spend money on vehicle maintenance and repairs.Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry (2014). #maintenance #married #repair #tidbits #canada

Month of myths #7

Myth 7: The only fluids I need to worry about are oil and gas.Most people neglect the other fluids in their vehicle, these include:BrakeCoolant/Anti-FreezePower SteeringTransmissionWasher FluidThis two-part article will provide more information on fluids and the importance of regular maintenance. If you have any questions about your vehicle, our service advisors are ready to answer your call. (306) 244-6522.

Contests at crestview

It’s CONTEST time at CRESTVIEW!!!Visit our Facebook page “Crestview Auto Service” for our current contest. Like our page to be entered and stay tuned for future contests and promotions. It’s that easy! (306) 244-652252.1314231-1

Shocks struts part-2

Shocks struts part-2

Are your shocks and struts in control of your ride? (*Part 2*)Vehicle ride, handling and braking are directly linked to the integrity of your suspension components. Like many of the systems on your vehicle, struts and shocks wear very slowly; many people only realize how worn they have become after they have had them replaced. After replacement the vehicle feels like new.As the internal components of shocks and struts wear, additional internal heat is created resulting in deteriorating ride quality, braking and handling. With this wear, the oil inside the struts and shocks aerates becoming more like foam than the liquid oil it is meant to be. The farther you drive the worse this gets. The air acts like a squishy ball, allowing excessive movement of the vehicle. When we step on the brakes or make sudden steering moves the vehicle starts to rock or roll, this lifts up one end and drops the other end. Any time this happens the tires, brakes and suspension are over loaded on the low side a ... read more

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