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Driving tips save money, stay safe

Gas may be cheap now but here are a few more ways to help control your vehicle expenses and keep you safe:On long drives use the cruise control to save gas. The gradual acceleration and deceleration improves your fuel efficiency. To improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, avoid jack rabbit starts and begin slowing down sooner before you get to that red light. The gradual change in speed has a noticeable effect on fuel economy and your wallet.Warming up your car in the morning isn’t always necessary. Driving your car under normal conditions will naturally bring the car to optimum operating temperature. Cold winter mornings are another thing to consider; warm up the car so you have enough heat to keep the windows clear for safe driving.Tires aren’t just round black things on your car; the t ... read more

P1 more tidbits

(P1) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:Did you know?

· 6600the number of plug-in electric cars driving on Canadian roads as of April 2014(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2014).#electriccar #chargingstation #pluginvehicle #tidbits #canada #saskatchewan

Convenient appointments

DID YOU KNOW? Crestview Auto Service provides the convenient option to BOOK an appointment ONLINE! Go to the website at – click on “appointments book on-line” and fill out the short form… It’s that easy! We are a proud Trusted Saskatoon partner and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon.#CrestviewAutoService#TrustedSaskatoon#BookOnline#Appointments#AutoRepair ... read more

Are your shocks and struts in control of your ride?-*part-2*

Vehicle ride, handling and braking are directly linked to the integrity of your suspension components. Like many of the systems on your vehicle, struts and shocks wear very slowly; many people only realize how worn they have become after they have had them replaced. After replacement the vehicle feels like new. As the internal components of shocks and struts wear, additional internal heat is created resulting in deteriorating ride quality, braking and handling. With this wear, the oil inside the struts and shocks aerates becoming more like foam than the liquid oil it is meant to be. The farther you drive the worse this gets. The air acts like a squishy ball, allowing excessive movement of the vehicle. When we step on the brakes or make sudden steering moves the vehicle starts to rock or roll, this lifts up one end and drops the other end. Any time this happens the tires, brakes and suspension are over loaded on the low side and you don’t have enough traction on the high side. This is t ... read more

Month of myths #2

Myth 2: Paint chips and nicks don’t affect my warranty. To keep your new vehicle paint and corrosion warranty valid, have dents, scratches and collision damaged panels inspected and repaired. New cars have a minimum five-year rust perforation warranty. Unprotected panels that cause rust will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.Crestview Auto Service is a quality service facility and a proud partner of Trusted Saskatoon. Visit us at for more information or to book online.

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