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P1 canadian tidbits

(P1) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:Did you know?

· 25 centsThe adult admission price of the first-ever auto show in Canada, held in Montreal in 1906.
· $23.00The adult admission price of the 2015 Auto Show starting Feb. 13th, 2015.
· $6.25Adjusting for inflation (25 cents in 1906) would be approximately $6.25 in 2015. (Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2015).#tidbits #inflation #carshow #Canada

Month of myths #10

Myth 10: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it (or) No news is good news.Vehicles need to be serviced even when the “Check Engine Light” isn’t on. You should be following the Maintenance Schedule as outlined in your vehicle owner’s manual.Contact Crestview Auto Service about their complimentary inspections and roadside assistance with repair and maintenance service. Conveniently book online at

Book an appointment online

DID YOU KNOW? Crestview Auto Service provides the convenient option to BOOK an appointment ONLINE! Go to the website at – click on “appointments book on-line” and fill out the short form… It’s that easy! We are a proud TrustedSaskatoon partner and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon.#CrestviewAutoService#TrustedSaskatoon#BookOnline#Appointments#AutoRepair ... read more

Springtime promotion at crestview

Springtime promotion at crestview

Spring has arrived which means time outdoors, nicer weather, BBQs and spring tune-ups. Bring your vehicle to Crestview for the Spring Maintenance Service and you will be entered to win the “Big Green Egg” mini cooking BBQ. Book your vehicle today as this promo ends on May 31st.#spring #vehiclemaintenance #promotion #BBQ #NAPA #TrustedSaskatoon 52.1313456-1

Winter driving in saskatchewan

How well did you prepare your vehicle for winter? Here are some things to remember and some tips to help ready yourself for a winter trip. Plan to be safe this winter when you are out on the road, reducing the stress of winter driving.Have your vehicle inspected and serviced to be sure you won’t break down in the cold. Winter conditions with snow, cold and icy roads demand that a vehicle be in top condition. For this reason, a winter readiness inspection is a necessity, and in the end is less annoying and less costly than battery boosts, calling a tow truck, being late and those unplanned hotel stays half way to your destination.Before it’s too late and you’re on the side of the road or worse, stopped in the middle of the road, give us a call, e-mail or book online to set up an appointment for your vehicle. You will know the condition of your vehicle and what needs to be done for safe winter driving.Having a block heater on your car and using it when temperatures are colder than -150c ... read more

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