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Brake safety

Do you have questions about brakes and how they work? August is Brake Safety Awareness Month! Send us a message and we will try to answer as many questions as possible in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned for more information from the Crestview team, a proud partner of and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon.#Brakes#Safety#Tips#Maintenance#Inspections ... read more

Woman in the automotive industry

Woman in the automotive industry

At Crestview Auto Service we are proud to be part of the NAPA AutoPro network. We are a professional repair shop that focuses on great customer service. We have highly qualified and trained technicians and staff to provide you with honest and quality vehicle repairs and services. Our clients receive NAPA’s Peace of Mind Warranty on qualifying parts and labour at no additional cost. In the latest article, we share an article about woman getting their start in the automotive industry.These days it’s common to see women in the automotive industry, but this hasn’t always been the case. Apart from the iconic women at the starting line, here are a few of the women of car racing who paved the way!FORMULA 1, FROM 1950 TO TODAYItalian Maria Teresa de Filippis drove in three Grand Prix races between 1958 and 1959, making her F1’s first female driver. Her compatriot Lella Lombardi drove ... read more

Month of myths #4

Myth 4: Vehicle technology today is so advanced I don’t need to worry about emissions.  To help reduce emissions, keep your vehicle well maintained. A poorly maintained engine can use up to 50% more fuel and produce 50% more CO2 than one that runs properly. At Crestview Auto Service, the Service Advisors will help you find the right maintenance schedule for your vehicle. The technicians can provide maintenance services (such as an oil change) to vehicles still under warranty (see Myth #1). Cars, Trucks, Motor homes and Fleet vehicles are all welcome. Contact: (306) 244-6522 or  

timing belts and timing chains

Some vehicles use timing belts and others use timing chains to keep the engine synchronized. The timing belt is a reinforced rubber belt with evenly spaced notches, which rotate on matching pulleys. This makes the connection that keeps the upper rotating components synchronized with the lower rotating components. Over time the rubber and reinforcing fibers break down and the belt needs to be replaced.Each vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule will specify when the timing …belt needs replacing. This interval is the maximum distance or time the belt should be used. The reason we replace it before it breaks is so that the internal engine components that need to move “in time” to each other do not make contact. Once the belt breaks or jumps a tooth, a lot of internal damaged can happen due to the destructive forces of parts hitting each other. When this happens the costs will skyrocket and may lead to complete engine replacement. The cost to replace the timing belt varies greatly between ... read more

Post 1 tidbits

(P1) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

Did you know?

• 22 million, the # of vehicles registered in Canada
• 764,382 passenger cars & 978,730 light trucks, # Canadians bought…
• 1,102,787 vehicles went to the scrap yard (Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2013).#vehiclesincanada#CrestviewAutoService#Saskatoon#Tidbits#CarRepair#AutoService

... read more


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