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Crestview auto service and the winter tire advantage in saskatoon

Let’s face it, most of us do not think about our vehicles until we run into a problem….and that problem may be a major inconvenience at best; an accident at worst. Having your vehicle serviced by people that you trust is an absolute must. Let our team of highly trained technicians at Crestview Auto Service work with you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Winter tires are more than a gimmick when compared to all-season tires. The two biggest differences being the rubber composition stays much softer and pliable from 7 degrees Celsius and colder and the tread pattern will have many small incisions in the tread pattern to allow the tire to squirm and stick to the icy road surface.

All season tires have compromises built into them that limit traction as temperatures drop below 7 degrees C, on ice and in the snow. The rubber compound is harder and tread patterns are more solid not allowing the tire to stick to the road surface, this gets worse the colder it gets and happens even if the road is dry. Any tire designated with the Snowflake on the sidewall is much better than an all season tire. But even in the winter tire market we have many differences in traction and longevity.

Generally you will get what you pay for, the entry level, less expensive tires will have less flexibility and traction the colder it gets while the better winter tires remain flexible even in the deep cold we get on the prairies. When purchasing winter tires it is important to buy all 4 not just 2 for the driving wheels, the reason for this is the traction difference between summer and winter tires will have you out of control with the winter tires sticking to the road and the all season tires losing traction and sliding.

Having 4 winter tires will have you sticking to the road when others around you are hitting the curb. Crestview Auto Service is here to help you choose the right tire for you needs and budget. Contact Kurt or Matt for all your tire needs. Call 306-244-6522 or email us at [email protected]

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