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Flush and fill

Protect your new car warranty and keep your older vehicle young – Flush and fill fluids the right way for long life.

Each car or truck has a service schedule for flushing and replacing the fluids that lubricate, cool, protect and control the operation of different components in your vehicle. These service intervals are based on distance traveled or time between the services. How these services are performed will have a direct impact on the reliability of your vehicle.

When flushing the transmission and cooling system, appropriate chemicals before and after should be used to first dissolve sludge and varnish buildup inside the components that are being serviced. Following the flushing procedure, which replaces the contaminated fluid, the appropriate chemicals should be added to enhance the operation of that component. Typically a cooling system or transmission flush service will take around an hour to do this way. This compares to a fluid exchange that can be done in 10 to 20 minutes.

A simple drain and fill without using proper chemicals to remove the sludge and varnish is like washing dishes by rinsing alone; no soap or dishcloth to clean off the stuck food and stains. Not much chance you would want to have guests over and serve a meal using those dishes, they wouldn’t be clean. Your transmission and cooling system life will depend on the quality of the fluid flush procedure.

The vehicles we drive now have different types of fuel injection requiring specific procedures to service the various systems. Although all injection systems require service, the newer direct injection vehicles need special attention and training to service properly or damage can occur.

Engine and driveline oils have changed dramatically over the last number of years. With the extended drain intervals we are seeing, making sure to use the proper grade and type of oil is very important. If your vehicle specifications call for 5w20 oil and you use 5w30 instead, you can damage a new engine because the oil is too thick to flow through the engine properly. Likewise synthetic oil or non-synthetic oil usage is just as important; synthetic oils are usually more uniform and flow quicker to protect better when the engine is cold. Using a non-synthetic when a synthetic should be used has the same affect as using the wrong grade of oil and can cause engine damage because it can’t lubricate properly. The oil filter is just as important, the use of a “cheaper” filter and a long drain interval has caused problems, as these cheaper filters do not have the internal filtering capacity to last and will bypass oil without filtering it.

This is why Crestview Auto Service only installs the highest-grade oil filter along with the proper grade and type of oil on your vehicle. Our Licensed Technicians are qualified to service all systems in your vehicle with the recommended chemicals, fluids and processes. With your approval we will inspect the condition of your vehicle and our technicians will make recommendations based on the inspection. Give us a call or visit us online at We look forward to helping you keep your car young a long time.

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