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Maintaining that new vehicle warranty who can service your new car or truck?

It makes a person feel good the first time they drive away from the dealership in their new vehicle. That new car smell is in the air: at least for a few months, it makes you feel great!

Unfortunately it doesn’t stay new and you will need to look after it so it doesn’t depreciate too fast. Routine maintenance is part of the cost of transportation and looking after your vehicle properly is a sure way to help lower the cost of transportation, because a properly operating vehicle uses less fuel is much more reliable to get you where you need to be and get you back home. Performing the recommended services on time allows you to keep your vehicle for many years, reducing your overall cost of transportation.

So what should you do about servicing your new vehicle or even one you’ve had for a while? What does the owner’s manual say? Does it say you have to go back to the dealership you bought it from or can you go to the repair shop of your choice?

What it will say, is that you need to perform a minimum amount of required maintenance and keep a record of it, in order to maintain the warranty coverage and use parts that meet or exceed the specifications in the owner’s manual. It will also recommend the services be performed by qualified people, this means it doesn’t have to be the dealership, only a reputable repair facility that uses the proper fluids and filters along with other maintenance items. Crestview Auto Service is your dealership alternative.

At Crestview Auto Service we look forward to helping you get the most out of your vehicle, your manufacturer warranty and extended warranties.

All our filters, fluids and maintenance items meet or exceed your warranty requirements. Our goal is to help you have a reliable vehicle; one you can trust to take you anywhere and get you back home. When you bring us your vehicle that is under warranty for servicing, part of our job is to make sure you are aware of any concerns that are covered through your vehicle warranty. This way when you bring a warrantable concern about your vehicle to the dealership, they will look after you. We will keep all records of maintenance or repairs done to the vehicle, and if a warranty concern comes up and the records are needed they will be readily available for you or if you would like, we could send them directly to the dealership on your behalf.

If you go to the dealership with a concern that is under warranty, the dealership will do all they can to rectify the problem and solve it under warranty. The catch is you need to tell them there is a problem. Logically, most people think when they take their vehicle to the dealership for routine service, that they are getting a warranty inspection at the same time. It makes sense this would happen, but most often they will only get what the maintenance service calls for. The dealership technicians are not allowed to “look for warranty work”. This mandate comes right from the manufacturers, as they are the ones that control your warranty, not the dealer.

At Crestview Auto Service “We’ll Keep Your Car Young a Long Time”

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