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Preholiday inspection know before you go

Each year motorists are left stranded after they have headed out on holidays. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is the vehicle is not prepared for the trip. A car that feels like it runs and drives well around town suddenly has issues 3 or 4 hours from home at the start of a 2-week vacation. All the heat and stress created from the trip makes the “weak links” show up at inopportune times. Now you need to find a repair shop, hoping they can get you in and out quickly so the holiday won’t be ruined. You can virtually eliminate this from happening with a preholiday inspection scheduled for at least a week before you leave. Keep in mind this is much more than a basic oil and filter change, as the inspection will identify what condition the vehicle is in and if it’s ready for the trip. The following is from Car Care Canada after a recent vehicle inspection campaign.

Did you know?

Results from Car Care Canada’s vehicle inspection events found 85% of vehicles needed some form of maintenance work. Some of the most common problems were:

  • 20% of vehicles had low or dirty engine oil
  • 18% had low tire pressures
  • 16% had inadequate cooling protection
  • 13% had dirty air filters
  • 10% had loose or corroded battery terminals

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