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Summer and vacations go hand in hand

Start your summer vacation off on the right foot; have your vehicle properly serviced and ready for the trip ahead. Hot weather and cold weather have one thing in common, your vehicle doesn’t like either one. Ever notice the vehicles sitting on the side of the highway are usually a long way from home? That’s because the shorter trips we normally take don’t get all the moving components up to temperature like a longer trip does.

Even a 1 or 2 hour trip to the lake can be enough for some vehicles to succumb to the heat and pressure created from an extended drive. Belts, hoses and cooling systems take a real beating with the added heat generated which can leave you stranded for a few hours or days if you haven’t been fortunate to stop in time, ending up with a serious mechanical failure and your car undriveable. Cooling system failure can happen very fast with devastating results, this is also a major cause of engine damage; and that’s never cheap to repair.

While you are driving be sure to keep an eye on the temperature gauge, if you see it rising beyond its normal position to the “hot” zone you can try turning off the air conditioning. If that doesn’t help and the gauge is at or in the hot zone, pull over as soon as possible to avoid creating any additional problems from the heat.

Start your trip out the safe reliable way; have a comprehensive inspection performed to make sure you don’t have any surprises when you least expect them. Routine service inspections are intended to identify potential trouble areas that should be addressed before they become problems. This helps have a stress free holiday or even a weekend away.

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