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Regular maintenance of your tow vehicle and also your trailer is important for your safety and the safety of your cargo no matter the type of trailer: cabin, utility, horse or boat. Without proper maintenance delays due to a breakdown are only a matter of time.

Trailer maintenance is fairly basic in that you have limited moving and wearing parts. Light checks should be performed each time before you start towing. Operation of the electric brakes can be tested once the vehicle is moving slowly, using the manual lever on the control unit. You will need to refer to the electric brake controller’s operating instructions for adjusting the response of the trailer brakes. Some of the lighter trailers are equipped with hydraulic surge brakes; these are harder to test for proper operation.

One other area of maintenance on trailers that is often overlooked is the wheel bearings. These should be cleaned, inspected and adjusted every 2 years; we often drive down dusty back roads or through water puddles. Even when a trailer is not used very often we find that water can work its way into the bearings from snowmelt and rain. This can cause the wheel bearings to wear out sooner than expected due to rust formation. Another area needing inspection during the wheel bearing servicing is the condition of the brake linings along with the attending hardware.

Maintaining your trailer on a regular basis will lead to trouble free towing. We would be happy to assist you with your vehicle and trailer maintenance or repairs.

Our staff is trained to help you confirm and properly match your vehicle to the trailer you use. We are an SGI accredited, safety inspection station.

Remember when packing up for a road trip to be sure to load the trailer properly, meaning that you have enough weight on the front of the trailer. Most often this will be around 10% of total trailer weight. When the trailer is loaded so it is light on the front, the trailer will be susceptible to sway. This accelerates wear on the trailer and tow vehicle and could also lead to an accident. A properly loaded trailer will tow straight and you will be in control.

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