Crestview Auto Service receives a negative customer review on Facebook and Google +

Crestview Auto 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, however, like any company these days we sometime receive negative online reviews. We value all comments and feedback, whether it is positive or negative, we strive to listen, learn and improve!

Mostly our reviews are stellar 5 star reviews, but recently we were reviewed on Facebook and our Google+ page by Steven, a recent new customer.  Although we strive for excellence in customer service,  unfortunately there are times when we cannot keep everyone happy.  Steven brought in his vehicle to us for an SGI vehicle safety inspection, that was required as he brought the vehicle in from out of province. After the inspection, he was unhappy with our inspection and quote, and he has accusing us of taking advantage of him and “trying to rip him off”.  For a business owner, this is the worst kind of accusation,  questioning our integrity.  So we wanted to take this time to answer and to explain.  Here is Stevens’s initial review.

Hello Steven,
Thank you, Steven, for taking the time to leave a review and taking our call this morning to discuss your concerns, it helps us to improve our service. As you know, by law, vehicles entering the province must have the SGI Vehicle Safety Inspection completed and any deficiencies repaired before a licence can be issued. On the day we inspected your car, your frustration from being forced by SGI to have the inspection done was very apparent and understandable.  In response to your comments:
As you were advised, the rear tires are the same size but that is all, one is a winter tire and one is all season; this creates a real safety concern because of the differences in the traction coefficient from left to right and this does not meet the minimum requirements of the inspection, we recommended you only purchase one tire to match the best tire on the rear of the car, not 2 tires.

The price you were quoted for needed repairs to meet the minimum standards, was based on the SGI inspection results after we had inspected the vehicle, this is the only time anyone can give you an accurate price. Our pricing includes allowing for the extremely rusty condition of your vehicle. The exhaust, suspension, steering and rust are the major cost factors on your vehicle. You were also advised that you can have the repairs performed anywhere you choose, they just need to be done in a manor that satisfies the inspection requirements. Your vehicle has substantial rust issues in structural components of the frame and body and has patches on the frame that do not appear to have been performed in a safe, structural manner. We recommended that you have a “body integrity” inspection performed by an SGI licensed auto body technician before any mechanical repairs be completed. These types of safety and structural items are for the occupant’s safety and to ensure the vehicle does not cause an accident with anyone you share the road with.  Kurt Blight’


Crestview Auto Service We take a lot of pride in the quality of the work we do as well as in our integrity. We performed the inspection on your vehicle and reported the results exactly how we have been trained by the SGI inspectors themselves. We take the Provincial inspection process very seriously and stand by our inspection. We wish you well


We want to reiterate that Crestview Auto Service is SGI certified and we uphold their standards, we cannot and will not deviate from these standards as they are developed to ensure road safety.

In this case, due to the issue concerning rust/ the structure/ framework of the vehicle, we highly recommended it be checked by an auto body expert before any additional work be performed.  The driver’s, its occupants and the public’s safety on our streets and our highways will always trump the risk of upsetting a potential customer and any potential business they may bring.

We take a lot of pride in our work and in our integrity so having an unhappy customer is always upsetting.  However, we stand firm behind the work we performed for the SGI certification,  our analysis, our quote and our recommendation.  In addition, we will not always be the “cheapest”, but we so believe that using our certified technicians to service your vehicle WILL lower your overall and long term cost of owning any vehicle.