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Since vehicles have several mechanical systems that require fluids for lubrication or cooling purposes, there are several types of fluid flushes.

Transmission Flush

Flushing the used fluid from the transmission washes away tiny particles of dirt, clutch material, and metal shavings. By keeping up with your vehicle's recommended transmission fluid change schedule, you can keep your transmission in good working order and decrease the likelihood of costly transmission repairs down the road. For all your transmission flush needs, visit our qualified and experienced transmission experts.

Radiator Flush

A car's radiator has the important task of keeping the engine cool. Radiator repair and maintenance are essential to the health of your engine and your vehicle. A good heating and cooling system service entails flushing the old antifreeze from your radiator and filling it with new antifreeze. For a quality radiator flush, trust our qualified mechanics.

Coolant System Flush

A coolant flush and fill is basic maintenance for your cooling system and will help ensure maximum performance from your car's heating and cooling systems. New antifreeze will help your car's engine run cooler, and flushing it will remove any dirt, rust, or sediment which may damage the water pump and clog the engine water jacket and radiator. Bring your vehicle to our experienced technicians for a professional coolant system flush!

Brake System Flush

When you step on the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid rushes to each brake to apply the pressure that slows your vehicle. Over time the fluid can become compromised by moisture and other contaminants and brake performance can suffer. Water can accumulate in the fluid which affects braking efficiency, increases the corrosion of brake system components, and can be the cause of total brake failure. To prevent this, bring your vehicle to our expert mechanics for a professional brake system flush!

Differential Flush

Worn-out differential fluid can lead to unreliable differential performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown, or failure. Complete differential failure will result in your entire differential system needing to be replaced. That is why you need a timely differential flush - leave your vehicle in the competent hands of our qualified and experienced mechanics and enjoy safety on the road!

Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid lubricates all of the moving parts throughout the power steering system. It prevents parts from wearing out and failing by removing contaminants which accumulate in the old fluid, and conditions the o-rings and seals. However, when power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of the pump and gear, it picks up wear material, as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals - any fluid that churns and is under high pressure, will wear out in time and be contaminated. That is why a regular power steering flush keeps your vehicle’s system intact and fully functional. Visit our skilled mechanics and have an expert power steering flush!

At Crestview Auto Service we are proud to be part of the NAPA AutoPro network. We are a professional repair shop that focuses on great customer service. We have highly qualified and trained technicians and staff to provide you with honest and quality vehicle repairs and services. Our clients receive NAPA’s Peace of Mind Warranty on qualifying parts and labour at no additional cost. In our latest article, we are going to discuss coolant flushes.

At one point, we have all been told we need to do a coolant flush. But how do they know your vehicle needs one?

The first method is simply following the manufacturer's guidelines. Depending on your vehicle, the manufacturer will recommend that the coolant be flushed after so many kilometers. The second method is a visual check. Over time, the coolant will become dark and murky, indicating it is building up debris. The last method is a pH test. The technician will use test strips to measure the acidity of the coolant. If it reads below 7, it is time for a flush.

But why do you need one? Over time, the coolant will start to break down and become corrosive. At this point, it will begin to wear holes in the cooling system components. The by-products of corrosion damage, rust, and scale will begin to clog the passageways through the radiator and restrict flow. If it gets bad enough, your vehicle can start to have an overheated engine and become damaged. The coolant flush will remove any rust, sludge, and debris in the radiator and will clean out blocked water channels that cause overheating. In the long term, performing coolant flushes with extend the life of the hoses, water pump, heater core, thermostat, radiator, intake, and head gaskets reducing maintenance and repairs to your vehicle.

If you think it is time to get a coolant flush, call us at Crestview Auto Service to book in your vehicle today!

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