Fuel Economy Tips you can take to the bank

The following maintenance and driving tips can translate into fuel cost savings and cash in the bank; read along to find ways you can save some cash. It’s like paying less for fuel each time you fill up. Information gathered from Car Care Canada.

  1. Tires inflated properly, even one tire that is 8 PSI low can have the same affect as saving up to $0.04/litre. For the average driver that’s the same as saving $69 a year in fuel cost. If you drive a truck it can be over $100 per year.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving, this can mean up to a 40% change in fuel cost. For a car that could be a savings of almost $700 a year and over $1000 with a truck.
  3. Remove excessive weight, for every 45 kgs (100 lbs.) extra weight in the vehicle, fuel economy drops between 1 and 2% that’s between $30 and $50 a year for every 45 kgs. So the question is – What’s in your trunk?
  4. Use a block heater; because a cold engine does not burn fuel efficiently you will use more fuel starting your car/truck in winter when it is not plugged in. Depending on how cold it gets, this can make a difference of up to 10% on economy during the cold winter months.
  5. Properly tuned engine, from maintenance tune-ups to major running issues the benefits add up. Annual savings from $100 to over $1000 a year in extreme cases.
  6. Observe the speed limit. Reducing speed from 120 km/h to 110 km/h typically saves at least 10%, the bigger the vehicle the more you save. Annual savings of $175 to over $500.

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