Maintenance: Part 1 of 2

Why does one person’s vehicle operate better and more efficient than another person’s when they have exactly the same vehicle? Although our driving habits come into play, most importantly is how we maintain our vehicle. Did you know you would save thousands of dollars by having required maintenance performed by qualified technicians? Have you been proactive with maintenance or reactive, meaning; do you have regular inspections and servicing to avoid surprises or is servicing done past the time or mileage it should have been done because we think we are saving money by putting it off. It has been well documented by government agencies and private industry that being proactive with vehicle maintenance and servicing will save you a lot of money (over 43% in some studies) compared to putting it off. The old saying of pay me now or pay me later is very true.

Each vehicle comes with maintenance schedules designed to keep the vehicle operating properly over the life of the vehicle. But what does the life of the vehicle mean; properly maintained vehicles can be very reliable and provide virtually trouble free driving for 15, and even 20 or more years. Maintenance schedules are perpetual and repeat themselves at various mileage and time intervals, they do not end, and go on for the life of the vehicle.

At Crestview Auto Service we will work with you to be sure that your maintenance schedule is up to date. When you have your vehicle serviced regularly at Crestview, our maintenance tracking system will assist us in informing you of your upcoming maintenance needs. This tracking program will help in determining future budget considerations for your vehicle. If you are new to us any past maintenance or repair history you can provide will help us in determining the future maintenance schedule of your vehicle.

At Crestview Auto Service “We’ll Keep Your Car Young a Long Time”

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