Prepared for Winter

Are you prepared for winter driving? What should you take with you this winter?

Be prepared by keeping these items handy in your vehicle: 

  • Spare Winter Clothing & Boots
  • Emergency Drinking Water/Dried Food
  • Emergency Blanket (& extra sleeping bag)
  • Flashlight w/ Batteries
  • Weatherproof Emergency Flares/Cones
  • Emergency Whistle w/lanyard
  • Hand Warmers (Pair), Feet Warmers (Pair)
  • “Call Police” banner
  • Safety matches
  • A supply of Emergency Candles
  • Coffee Can – one for candles & on for melting snow
  • First Aid Kit
Additional Tips:
  • Many people have their cell phones. But do you keep a car charger for your phone in your vehicle at all times?
  • Winter Traction on ice can be enhanced by putting kitty litter down on the ice in front of the tires – but avoid clay based kitty litters, as it will mix with snow/slush and cause mud.
  • A small shovel is helpful in case you have to dig yourself out, it doesn’t have to be big but it needs to be sturdy enough not to break,
  • Glow sticks can be a handy way to alert emergency vehicles. Tie a shoelace to the end and by swinging it around like a lasso, it is a very effective signal from the ground or the sky.