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Transmission Fluid Change in Stonebridge, SK

Transmission Service

Keeping your vehicle’s transmission in optimal condition is essential for a smooth and reliable driving experience. One critical aspect of transmission maintenance is changing the transmission fluid at regular intervals.

At Crestview Auto Service in Stonebridge, SK, we offer expert transmission fluid change services to ensure your vehicle’s transmission operates at its best. We will answer essential questions about transmission fluid changes and the importance of this service.

When Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

Regular transmission fluid changes are crucial for the longevity and performance of your vehicle’s transmission. The timing for this service depends on various factors, including your vehicle’s make and model, driving habits, and the type of transmission fluid used. Here are some general guidelines:

Service Interval:

Manufacturers often recommend changing transmission fluid every 50,000 to 100,000 kilometres, but it’s essential to consult your owner’s manual to find the specific service interval for your vehicle. Keep in mind that some manufacturers don’t recommend fluid service at all. Our experienced technicians may recommend more frequent intervals based on your vehicle’s needs.

Check Your Owner’s Manual:

Your owner’s manual is your best source of information on when to change your transmission fluid. It will provide you with manufacturer recommendations tailored to your vehicle.

Fluid Type:

Some vehicles use different types of transmission fluid, such as automatic transmission fluid (ATF) or manual transmission fluid. The type of fluid used will affect the recommended replacement interval.

Fluid Level:

You should regularly check the fluid level using the transmission fluid dipstick. If the fluid level has dropped or is discoloured, it’s a sign that it’s time for a change.

Is It Worth Getting a Transmission Fluid Change?

Getting a transmission fluid change at Crestview Auto Service in Stonebridge, SK, is a worthwhile investment for several reasons:

Maintains Frictional Properties:

Transmission fluid lubricates various components within the transmission. Over time, it can degrade, losing its viscosity and lubricating qualities. Changing the fluid ensures that your transmission maintains its frictional properties, reducing wear and tear.

Protects the Torque Converter:

The torque converter is a critical component of an automatic transmission. Old, degraded fluid can lead to overheating and damage to the torque converter, resulting in costly repairs. Regular fluid changes help protect this vital part of your transmission.

Extends Transmission Lifespan:

A well-maintained transmission can last longer, saving you money in the long run. Regular fluid changes are a proactive measure to prevent transmission failures and the associated expenses.

Improves Shift Quality:

Fresh fluid can improve the smoothness of gear shifts, reducing jerky movements and hesitation during acceleration.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Transmission Fluid?

Neglecting to change your transmission fluid can lead to many problems and costly repairs. Here are some of the potential consequences of not changing your transmission fluid:

Increased Wear and Tear:

Old and contaminated fluid does not provide proper lubrication, causing increased friction and heat within the transmission. This can lead to premature wear and damage to transmission components.


Inadequate lubrication and cooling can result in your transmission overheating, leading to severe damage and even transmission failure.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency:

A poorly functioning transmission can cause your vehicle to work harder, decreasing fuel efficiency and increasing fuel costs.

Transmission Slipping:

Without proper lubrication, your transmission may experience slipping, causing gear shifts to become erratic and potentially unsafe.

Costly Repairs:

Ignoring transmission fluid changes can lead to costly repairs or even the need for a complete transmission replacement, which can run into thousands of dollars.

Transmission Fluid Change Services in Stonebridge, SK

Regular transmission fluid changes are a fundamental aspect of vehicle maintenance that should not be overlooked. Crestview Auto Service in Stonebridge offers expert fluid change services to ensure your vehicle’s transmission operates smoothly and efficiently. By following manufacturer recommendations and consulting your owner’s manual, you can avoid costly repairs and enjoy a trouble-free driving experience.

At Crestview Auto Service, we understand the significance of timely transmission fluid changes. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the latest transmission flush machines to ensure that the old, worn-out fluid is completely replaced with fresh fluid. We also inspect the transmission pan and filter, addressing any issues that may arise during the service. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, you can trust us to maintain your vehicle’s transmission in top-notch condition.

Worry-Free Driving

Don’t underestimate the importance of transmission fluid changes in extending your vehicle’s lifespan and maintaining performance. Contact Crestview Auto Service in Stonebridge, SK, today to schedule your transmission fluid change and enjoy worry-free driving on the roads of Saskatchewan. Your vehicle and your wallet will thank you.

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